Sunday, March 22, 2020


so I can't even explain. i have returned to the place i walked and ran and spent all my days. how do these things happen? its hard to say.
everything is difficult and confusing. i am fine and shall go far.
one year ago today my best friend and pet rabbit died. that description does not do justice to how much he meant to me and what i hope i meant to him.
i loved that rabbit and made sure he had everything he could ever want no matter the cost or weather or struggle. i miss mr. henri every day and  i would give anything to hand feed him cilantro again.
i am always with you baby hen and i know some day i will hold you once again forever.

Monseiur Henri


you can do it too. 

Sunday, December 15, 2019


so i recently travelled to detroit, my home sweet home, and per usual- shit cray. though many a new businesses have opened, including a whole foods (get it together south boston), the city is still relatively empty and rather depressing. it was particularly jarring coming from boston where space is so incredibly valuable and hard to come by rent is astronomical and ever climbing. the vast empty spaces along with ten empty buildings for every one occupied is kind of the worst. it made me sad in a very confusing and hard to pin down way. all in all the visit was wonderful but there is a nagging sense of discontent that i would like to change or to just go away. and i awfully and severely miss my tigers.

Friday, January 6, 2017


so most people seemed thrilled to tell 2016 to fuck right off and run dont walk over the thresh hold into 2017. i may have been right along with them except that a few months ago i figured out how to be rather content and calm down. i love new years and enjoy the reflection/projection opportunity that a new year antagonizes. anyways, the positive effects of forgiveness cannot be over estimated. the detrimental effects of anger, negativity, resentment and having a shit look on your face all day cannot be under estimated. basically get your shit together and make the new year what you want it to be. each day. its our own responsibility. chill the fuck out and smile.

thats right. king tut is kicking it snowbird style in the dry heat. relaaaaxxxxxxxx.

Sunday, September 11, 2016


i feel like here in chicago fashion is dead so imagine my pleasure when i meet an amazing lady with an obsession for style/styling akin to my own. its nice to gush about pretty things and being pretty and how all we both want to wear is oversized, shapeless, well cut dresses made of incredible fabric. its time to create interesting outfits that make life better and so i think that is exactly what i shall do. ill contact you within the next twelve hours with further instructions. or with pictures. ta for now.

this is my inspiration for everything.

Friday, January 15, 2016


so i may forget what format i love the most but its friday night, i head to miami on monday morning and i promised an optometrist named kinjal whom i love that i would post my outfits from my amazing job at see eyewear's annual 'retreat' (my term not theirs) in south beach. i am writing this from chicago where its very comfy at 37 degrees fahrenheit and is predicted to be 5 degrees when i leave in two days and i am pretty sure i will be wearing a bikini at ohare intl airport flipping off security. that is how awful winter is here. it makes you way too excited about going to florida. huge sigh.

this is the emergency room i went to last year my first night in miami which i think is the hospital the golden girls always shot in. it was bad. im looking forward to no hospital visits on this pending work trip. fingers crossssssssssed.

Monday, March 9, 2015


one person told me to work and do it. and that I possibly could. thanks sugar, only the best.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


so if you dont already know my dreams are vivid, lucid, and crazy for the most part. heres one.
i like this dream a lot. i woke up feeling good and happy. i was dating mike tyson and it was pretty awesome. it was the new mike tyson, the one who is sober and raises pigeons not the rage driven robyn givens mike those over thirty remember so well. so every night i would go to this dance party or club in the woods with all these picnic tables and be having a great time and mikes entourage would show up and tell me mike was waiting and we had to go. i would be bummed a little but ok. then i would go to his house which was very clean and very cold from air conditioning and i would brush my teeth and climb in bed and then we would go to sleep in the cold cold house. thats it. he was really nice.
good dream!

like it.


thats more like it. bad tattoo times.

so its been a while since i had this dream but i still think about it and it reminds me that i like falling asleep in a house made super cold by central air. pow!

Sunday, November 17, 2013



so im going home in 4.5 days and i couldnt be happier. i miss the tobester already but he gets it. its been two years since i was in michigan and that should be a crime considering how much i love the mitten. i also get to go to my recently deceased grandfathers house and pay my proper last respects as well as enjoy the house i spent some of the best days of my childhood in. saying 'up north' in suburban detroit is the equivalent of saying 'on the cape' in boston. everyone has a summer house there and you dont quite get it unless you are from there. home! home! home! as geena davis said in beetlejuice to get the hell out of the model that alec baldwin built i will make the most out of the roughly 72 hours i have with my family.
for now i will play catch up because its been way too long and its almost the holiday season which is my fave! lets thank tobi for this new computer and the ability to bbbbblog again.

true story judy.

Saturday, April 27, 2013


it's been way too long. I'm posting from my phone at 3am so this shall be very short and sweet.
there is a kitten asleep on my lap and a sleepover going on to my left. I haven't slept more than a few hours in the past two days so i am chanting for unconsciousness and quickly.
so i have much to share i can't wait.

Thursday, January 3, 2013



so i know the new year is sometimes an excuse to party like an amateur or throw a killer shindig that ends at 7am or stay home sulking or stay home relaxing or if youre like me you had a party to go to but were super sick and made the first good life choice in a while and stayed home and slept early and often. now its the second and i am much improved and not even remotely hung over.
my point is i guess its a cliche to make resolutions for the new year but in my life and friend circle its not even mentioned let alone thought of. resolutions are for those whom i do not know, have never known and probably will never know. however, i am not remotely above a significant life change which i am interested in making and now is as good of a time as any. so i am using the new year as a moment to implement long intended healthy habits into my routine along with some weird meditation and self reflection. i hate this post so now its time for pictures. i wish i were in sweden.

i love balloons. they are alive. i make them real.

i used to do this. i would like to again. its a new year.



in 2005 david and i found a yellow parakeet on the ground in detroit. he was dehydrated and terribly out of place so we took him home and tried to make him well. it worked for a day or so but he quit eating and drinking and seemed very sad. at a loss i thought of playing some parakeet calls on the computer and he was so excited i knew he needed a friend. along came a blue and white budgie which looked like a cloud and was named murray. the little yellow fellow was named robes pierre, after the french revolutionary scoundrel whom i had recently watched a documentary on. robes for short. when i moved to boston five years ago a friend happily adopted our birds. i have always been very grateful for this.
i learned today that murray passed away. it makes me very sad, i recall him flying around our detroit apartment chirping and lovely. robes is still here and he is going to mourn this loss but i hope eventually a new friend will help him through. i miss detroit. fate.

murray is left. rip. robes is yellow.

if you found an animal on the ground would you change your life to care for it? 

Sunday, November 4, 2012



so a friend of mine mentioned today 'im sick of people saying they are so stoked to be crossing names off their christmas list'. wha? halloween was four days ago. are you seriously thinking about christmas? fuck that. this is what i like to call a holiday void. its awesome. the month post trick or treating pre overeating is this killer absentia of responsibility and holiday pressure that i refuse to let go of. thanksgiving is not a 'season'. you dont pull a sepia plastic tote from target out of the basement full of turkey decorations and whatnot. and if you do, stop it. most of us dont. im really into the move some people pull where they dont put up monsters and cobwebs for halloween but play it safe with a haybale and a gourd or two from whole foods. maybe an uncarved pumpkin. these folks are smart because they can just ride those decorations through october, past halloween and straight through november without so much as a glance at their front porch knowing hey, i am festive, i am fall, im all set. no one will say shit i guarantee and more than likely youll get approving nods from the neighbors. can we please silently protest the obliteration of a holiday-less 25ish days with no pressure where we can enjoy your friends and drinks and dinner and sleep and just go to work and come home and not have to think about anything until someone tells us to come over and eat and watch football in detroit. yah? thx. ps- i go out to eat on thanksgiving. 

and a few of these

equals this. good times.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


so some of you may know that i have an obsession with shoes, specifically heels. this is not an average four or five pairs, i am heavily invested in my shoe collection which is ever growing.
some examples-

geranium prada. spring2012

louboutin fall2008

louboutin pigalle 120mm. timeless.

balenciaga space shoes. fall2010.

givenchy. spring2010. lace magic.

so this is a bit of minutia shoe info regarding me. i love heels i love wearing them i love being seen in them i would sleep in them if someone were watching. however- because of a new job which i adore i need to expand my flat/ankle boot/ loafer repertoire. currently i own several inexpensive unsupportive no name flats which serve their purpose. i have some glorious bejeweled satin lace flats from my days at anthropologie, a pair of unimaginable vintage prada ankle boots bought for $7 at a detroit thrift store. the rest are either minnetonka moccasins which are great but not appropriate or cheap flats that only bide my time at work until they fall apart. 
my current obsession is loafers. like smoking old man loafers which brings me to my current look (coined not by me but a friend) 'grandpa chic'. yah i wear a lot of cardigans, super sweet ones i might add, but the smoking loafer addition is going to push it over the edge potentially. i am ok with that but have to watch my step because its a slippery slipper slope from grandpa chic to bitchy lesbian chic which is totally fine but not the look im going for. 
so lets talk loafers! here is my first acquisition which i am currently awaiting not so patiently in the mail-
hellraiser loafers by way of unif.

bad ass right? so excited. so lets do this! all flats in all forms i want to hear about faves and i will continue to update successes and failures. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


so i have gone missing for a few weeks but all for the best. it involves new work, good work and formal cocktail parties at home. that being said, lets talk fall. hard to do when its 95 degrees every day here in boston but those of us in fashion or those of us who just care about fashion know that fall is the only real time that matters and the most fun and the time when you can wear the most clothes and still look incredible. winter doesnt count because survival isnt cool. fifty-five degrees and breezy is cool because new denim and boots and tops and gloves and layers and scarves and blazers and jackets etc. etc. etc. are the best.
i have decided that my pre-fall inspiration is 'eagle scout chic'. imagine oversized structure with cinched belts and lots of scarves and accessories. like we are on a march through the woods but instead of pots and pans and other clanky survival tools think jewelry, capes, buckles, basically accessories galore.

definitely this.


not so much the center two but homegirl on the right for sure. 

some of this too.

so basically its boyish charm, dresses with pants, fur and leather possibly a sash and i think just maybe a merit badge or two. i also solemnly swear to never disappear for that long ever again. scouts honor.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012



so ive been thinking. what the fuck is wrong with everyone? the other night a friend and i were discussing their boss and bosses boss etc. and how though very capable at the technicalities of running her company these people are one hundred percent socially inept. and not just amongst strangers but in dealing with their co-workers, delegation of duties, all basic human interaction. no clue.
awkward, borderline rude, and terrible communication skills. wtf? how do you get so far in life and become so successful without learning to schmooze? as someone who would have nothing if it werent for knowing how to work a room this lack of a need for charm is perplexing. i also think it is unacceptable. we need to get back to a place where the ability to tactfully and skillfully interact with others is not only valued but expected. a time where if you acted a fool and showed up to a restaurant under dressed you would feel shamed by your peers and not only rectify the situation but never let it happen again.

all right losers, watch and learn.

as it turns out right here in our own little back yard professors at mit, yes mit, looked around and noticed that their students were lacking in the social graces and decided to start a charm school. there is a deportment class (look it up) which set out to rid the students of what was deemed the 'institute shuffle' that unsightly hunched over gait that is typically reserved for super tall 13 year old girls and the horribly awkward. (unrelated side note- those 5'11" middle school girls should stand tall, if you play your cards right you could be plucked from your podunk town mall by a sleazy talent scout and become the next kate moss.) other classes include 'buttering up big shots', 'flirting 101', and this gem, 'how to tell somebody something they would rather not hear'. now if there is one thing a socially awkward evil genius knows how to do it is to tell somebody something they absolutely do not want nor probably need to hear. its remarkable actually and ive personally seen it in action many times. your having a cocktail party so you invite some coworkers and the programmer or tech guy or fill in the blank shows up and within five minutes has completely dominated the conversation and asked your girlfriend what is wrong with her face. i imagine the purpose of this class is more to teach the methods of delivering unpleasant information tactfully and with appropriate timing. of course.
i say you go mit, i run past that campus weekly and its a sad state of affairs over there. these people are going to/already do run the world and it would be great if when the world is ending because the robots they invented are going to eat us and live out eternity in our apartments they could deliver the news in an appropriate and pleasing manner. and while wearing a well cut suit. 

all right losers, watch and learn.

what i am trying to say is that in all occupations you find it. not just the afore mentioned science and math fields. in fashion, restaurants, finance, your local coffee shop, basically everywhere people have lost the abilities of general social etiquette and i think we would all benefit from going to charm school for a couple of weeks or six months. there is a series of ebooks i like called 'britiquette'. i think the name says it all but if not they refer to themselves as 'the slightly rude but much needed guide to good manners'. you can kick it old school and just visit the emily post website ( where her etiquette books are in their 18th editions. homegirl got started in the twenties. these are both supremely feminine and if i were a guy would turn away immediately and since i think the future gentlemen of our society are in some dire straights i found an excellent introductory book for the fellow interested in learning how to kick it proper but not trying to go over board. it is 'how to be a gentleman: a contemporary guide to common courtesy" by john bridges. written by a guy and taking courtesies of the fifties and sixties but modernizing them for todays societal situations.
another excellent resource which is simple, elegant, and old school is esquire magazine. i think men and women alike would do themselves a favor by getting a subscription. they publish a style handbook twice a year which can be an indispensable tool for men who like to wear clothes and look better than their friends while doing it. it also consistently has advice about etiquette, amazing products, and is slick and pretty. what more could you ask for.

you could ask for more but sadly alberto vargas is dead.

hopefully this post made you laugh a bit but i couldnt be more serious about how detrimental i feel the general lack of social ability is to our society. its crippling us in the way of communication (i refuse to blame emails and texting, that just fuels the fire) and it makes us look like shit. you dont want to look like shit do you? of course not. now go learn how to dance.

Monday, July 23, 2012


i moved. again. five times in 2 years. thats why ive been gone. sorry. but we did relocate to a righteous pad in southie so it feels like coming home and im stoked. anyways, on to the future!

the movies are fairly accurate.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


so its americas birthday and i am possibly in the best city ever to celebrate it (boston) and im not working so i have the day free to sparkler and firework it up with the tobester and our manimals. good times. my head however is in michigan due to some news i received that my only living grandparent, my grandfather seffens, was just diagnosed with blood cancer. for those of you who dont know i loved all of my grandparents fiercely and i really dig old people in general. if you are jerky to old people you really shouldnt have breathing space, they have seen everything and lived through it and we are going to be there someday hating life too. so respect fool.
grandpa seffens is a veteran of world war II. he doesnt like to talk about it, the one time he spilled to me he just said "i went to italy with all my friends and i was the only one who came back. i dont know why i came back and no one else did. why me and not them?" that sums up his opinion on his time in the war.
he is 86, lives in an old farmhouse in northern michigan and he used to take me to the legion hall when i was young. it was awesome.
this fourth of july is dedicated to my grandfather louis seffens whom i love dearly. i want him to get better.

my grandfather. hes amazing.

where i spent my childhood.

160 acres of woods. 

the farm house. i need a sabbatical. 


imagine a psychedelic summer camp photo shoot here. anyone?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012



so if  youre reading this you probably are aware that i like to run. i run a lot. and i run the same routes over and over. i like to zone out and daydream while i run, not vigilantly monitor the sidewalk, so i take the same paths and after a while auto-pilot kicks in and viola; a relaxing run. anyways about an hour in i turn off massachusetts avenue and take a right down windsor street. i dont know what is wrong with this road but it stinks. its not a forgotten dumpster type of stink either but each week it is something different. a couple of weeks ago it reeked of cat litter, last week it was a mixture of diapers and bleach. today it smelled like garbage and more garbage. this is a pretty normal street with a couple of schools and some multi family housing. there is however a large quantity of doritos bags on the ground and crap lying around so perhaps this is a clue. whatever the street is gross. 

windsor street. i left out the funyuns bags.

Friday, June 22, 2012


i love balloons and i love finding them randomly. im not sure if i find them or they find me but here are a few.

the charles.


north end.

balloons are mine forever.